About Us

eHealth Network Solutions predominantly works with its sibling product of eHealth ID, that provides electronic Health Card to all Indian Citizens at free of cost, and enables the patient to update his/her health records and upload reports. Based on the registrations for eHealth Card, and diverse analysis reports, eHealth Center would be established to cater General and specific healthcare needs. eHealth Center is an innovative platform that operates multi-speciality services to cater the healthcare needs of Indian citizens. The speciality services includes-Doctor Consultation, Diagnostics Services, Emergency Services and Pharmacy.

“Bringing the best of healthcare closer to the people who need it the most is our driving force”
– Shiva Naidu, Founder

Mr. Shiva Naidu K, CEO

The perennial problems that India faces today, arise from infant mortality, poor sanitation, malnutrition and in-affordable hospitalization & clinical care. To put it simple, Indian healthcare suffers a lack of transparency, quick response and redressal systems. This hinders efficient collaboration between patients, doctors and pharmacists. Our intent, at eHealth, is to provide safe, affordable and approachable healthcare for all. eHealth creates a hub of healthcare data that can be easily stored, received, retrieved electronically. This helps patients and healthcare professionals to come closer and eliminate the current information gaps. The company leverages the Franchise model to promote community-based, multidisciplinary, patient-centred care with focus on both treatment and prevention of various conditions. This is eHealth’s way to pave the path for healthy & prosperous India.