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eHealth Pharmacy Features

Ehealth Pharmacies - Grade A Medicine

We provide grade-A medicines of international standards and follow Indian pharmaceutical guidelines.

Warehouse - eHealth Pharmacies

All eHealth pharmacies get their medicines directly and in perfect package.


eHealth does not promote any medical brands. We provide generic medicines according to your prescription as well as over the counter medicines.

Pharmacist - eHealth Clinics

Every eHealth clinic has a qualified pharmacist who provides personalized assistance.

Interested in setting up your own pharmacy?

Set Up an eHealth Pharmacy Franchise

Start your own pharmacy quickly and efficiently with eHealth. When you choose an eHealth pharmacy you choose integrity.
Trained Pharmacist - eHealth Pharmacies

eHealth provides a trained pharmacist

Inventory - eHealth Pharmacies

eHealth provides the required inventory

Direct Supply of Medicines - eHealth Pharmacies

Direct supply of medicines from eHealth inventory

24 X 7 Assistance - eHealth Pharmacies

24*7 assistance

Latest and Modern Structure - eHealth Pharmacies

Get latest and modern infrastructure

eHealth Pro Software - Ehealth Pharmacies

Get eHealth pro software along with a state of the art POS system

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Eligibility Criteria

eHealth Pharmacies eligibility criteria

  1. Do you feel for the people who aren’t getting affordable healthcare services ?
  2. Do you have the entrepreneurial zeal ?
  3. Can you invest a minimum of 3 lakh?
  4. Do you support a cause that aims to bring out a significant change in India’s healthcare?

If yes, you’re in for something phenomenal!